10 Underrated 1952 Topps Cards

Jackie Jensen 1952 Topps

You know about Mantle and Mays.  If you know the set you know the Jackie Robinson and Eddie Mathews, too.  They’re among the icons but how about some underrated 1952 Topps cards?  We’ve pieced together a list of ten that should be worth more than they really are—and that’s good for anyone looking for value […]

1952 Topps Baseball Set Stands Test of Time


1952 Topps baseball cards have reached almost iconic status among sports collectors. The set has a number of factors working in its favor. It marked the young company’s first attempt at creating an all-encompassing baseball card set featuring players of the day. Topps didn’t skimp, creating 407 cards over three series. The cards were of […]

Collecting 1952 Topps Baseball Cards on a Budget

1952 Topps

Looking at the overall value of the set or the prices paid for Mickey Mantle rookie cards can scare some people off, but it’s possible to collect 1952 Topps baseball cards on a budget. No matter if you decide to piece together as much of the set as you possibly can or just certain elements, […]